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team building

When it comes to team building, we’re referring to the set of activities that foster group interactions that improve their ability to work in teams. Working together for a common cause and cooperating together increases the sense of belonging to the group and creates or strengthens the bonds between members. This happens if the cause […]

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Organizing a corporate convention is not a simple undertaking, it’s not for everybody. The dynamics at play in the planning of a business event of this type are delicate and profound. For this reason, it is important to structure the convention with care, technique, and expertise for the project with which you are confronted. In […]

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Christmas party aziendale

It’s time to start the preparations It’s never too early to start talking about Christmas, especially for a Meeting Planner struggling with organizing the much anticipated corporate Christmas party. It’s beginning to feel like the holiday season and it’s time to start preparing for the corporate Christmas party! The corporate Christmas party is not just […]

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Incentive travel is a reward that the company gives to either its employees to motivate and reward them, or to corporate clients to retain them. The company that invests in incentive programs has a great advantage with a motivating effect that is hardly comparable to any other experience. The Incentive Research Foundation study proves that […]

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Destination Management Company - Amandaeventz

The DMC (Destination Management Company) is the expert of the area to which companies, communication companies and associations turn to reach their goals and to organize an event with all the complementary services. A Destination Management Company has a profound knowledge of the area in which they operate and a local knowledge of the destination. […]

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