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Incentive travel is a reward that the company gives to either its employees to motivate and reward them, or to corporate clients to retain them. The company that invests in incentive programs has a great advantage with a motivating effect that is hardly comparable to any other experience.

The Incentive Research Foundation study proves that a specially designed incentive trip increases productivity by 18% with a return on investment (ROI) of 112%.

A Destination Management Company (DMC) also acts as an incentive house, when it specializes in planning incentive trips for corporate clients who are looking for effective suggestions to motivate their team, improve performance, and reward results. Thanks to the in-depth knowledge of the destination, a DMC is able to design a program that, based on the characteristics and experiences of the winners, is unique and unforgettable. The message of recognition must be clear and precise so that the participants are enthusiastic, satisfied, proud, and ready to improve their performance in the company.

The Destination

The destination is certainly a key factor for the success of the incentive. The important thing is to plan in advance to have the technical time to study the program in detail and have a competitive advantage on the rates. The right choice will have a huge impact on the participants’ experience. This must be in harmony with people’s values, wishes and expectations. In this way, the location’s atmosphere will also have a deep, experiential meaning.

Incentive Trips for Employees

Through this type of travel, lasting a weekend or at most a week, the company rewards its employees for having achieved certain business objectives with a prize. In fact, with this recognition, the company will be able to push its workers towards greater and even higher quality operations. Organizing a program in a different destination from the working environment allows you to open your mind, increase creativity and satisfy leisure and relaxation needs. The participant will feel part of an elite group, rewarded for their work and will have the feeling of being held in high esteem by the company and will sense their progress on the path of professional growth.

Car tour incentive

Personalization is certainly a winning factor. Giving participants the possibility to choose among different options increases engagement and their sense of leadership. Planning for moments in which activities are proposed to cultivate one’s interests and passions and sharing those moments with colleagues undoubtedly strengthens relationships. Everyone discovers that they have more in common than just the workplace. In this way, team building processes will be stimulated, consolidating group synergies.

Incentive Trips for Clients 

Instead, by placing the focus of corporate incentive trips on clients, the benefit of the ordeal is to have a product or service tested in person and to establish relationships that go beyond the sale as an end in itself. Another way can be the creation of an incentive sales campaign aimed at retention. The recipient, in order to win a trip, will be inspired to buy a greater number of products from the same brand, thereby becoming loyal to the brand.

Choosing a DMC to Organize Corporate Incentive Trips

Planning business incentive trips, even luxury ones, requires thorough knowledge of the sector, meticulous organization, but also passion and dedication to leave nothing to chance. The performance—in 90% of cases—only happens once, therefore everything must be perfect.

To ensure that everything works, that the journey achieves the desired results, it is necessary to carry out a fundamental, methodical and accurate study aimed at analyzing various factors. Firstly, the feasibility of the trip in terms of finances will have to be examined through an analysis of the internal budget, of the achievable expenses, and of the return on the company’s investments. Afterwards, it will be advisable to plan the marketing campaign connected to the project, in order to promote it in the right way both internally and externally to the company (in the case of a trip raffled off for customers). Finally, it will be advisable to choose destinations that are interesting and pleasant for the target audience.

Precisely for this reason, an incentive house abroad will be able to seek help from a DMC (Destination Management Company) or a third party in the chosen destination, specialized in the organization and provision of all complementary services of the trip. If a company turns to a DMC for Italy as a destination, the DMC works directly as the incentive house without intermediaries.

Amanda Eventz is a Destination Management Company with qualified CIS (Certified Incentive Specialist) personnel. This certification attests to the specific experience and know-how regarding the incentive sector and is a guarantee that the service provided will be of quality. In fact, a CIS expert already has a network of reliable suppliers and will be able to negotiate the best rates, as well as develop a tailor-made program. Amanda Eventz is part of SITE, Society of Incentive Travel Excellence and is accredited as an internationally trusted agency.

CISThe agency’s philosophy is to offer invaluable experiences that no participant could ever do individually. The aim is to create authentic moments that turn into memories to be shared and told.

If you invest resources for this type of event, you must be sure to rely on experts who study a strategy in line with the objectives and principles of the company. Only in this way can the success of the incentive be guaranteed, along with a revival of corporate identity, which is part of the objective and the investment.