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Christmas party aziendale

It’s time to start the preparations

It’s never too early to start talking about Christmas, especially for a Meeting Planner struggling with organizing the much anticipated corporate Christmas party. It’s beginning to feel like the holiday season and it’s time to start preparing for the corporate Christmas party!

The corporate Christmas party is not just a simple party or a gala dinner, but above all a moment of gathering, an exchange of season’s greetings and a sharing of values before the holidays. It is the gift of Christmas that the company gives to its employees, that they meet once a year in all the branches in Italy and abroad, to reward them after a year of hard work and commitment. It is the wish for success for the year to come.

For a party with all the trimmings…choose an event agency

For a successful event, you need to be organized, to plan ahead, and to carefully choose all the details. The planning of a company event in all its aspects can at times be slightly complicated: location, date, time, guest list, special food requests, menu, entertainment, stage sets and decorations, transportation and any other item worth noting. To avoid the risk of arriving at the last minute without a winning idea for an excellent corporate Christmas party, it is advisable to always contact an event agency or a destination management company. The result will surely be triumphant with less stress and guaranteed satisfaction.

Incentive event for a new year together

Christmas Dinner is a communication event and an important incentive opportunity. First and foremost, we need to ask ourselves what the company wants to communicate with its employees, other than wishing them happy holidays. You could share a new objective, establish expectations and set goals for a prosperous new year together.

A winning theme

A stylish event always has a winning theme. The right choice can make the difference. You must think about if the company wants to communicate a particular message on which employees can reflect or share a new mission. An alternative could be to create an event within the event, a trendy initiative based on a novelty, perhaps intercepting a trend in progress. A preview opening of a new exhibition, a concept of the year’s theme, a common thread of its own.

Let yourself be inspired by the year-end event that we created last year for our best clients…an original concept based on the genius of Leonardo (link to the event portfolio)!

Location, location…location!

It is imperative to carefully select the right location based on the atmosphere you would like to create. A DMC (destination management company) always has a portfolio of original locations to suggest depending on whether you want the maximum of refinement for a truly luxurious event or a more informal party in a sparkling and industrial chic location. Surprise your guests with a stellar restaurant, an art gallery, the top floor of a skyscraper, open the doors of a historic villa or spend a night at the museum…all this and more.

Tasteful Menu

The menu is one of the most important parts and should be chosen with extreme care. The catering should be impeccable and must have a trusted provider. A company should be able to balance the budget with quality, while always striving for something extra. Playing with the chosen concept on the menu could surprise the guests with delicious colours, shapes, and delectable associations. An expert organizer should always pay attention to food intolerances, allergies, and special dietary needs, and provide at least two alternatives for every course in order to meet everyone’s needs. If you have the chance to spend the evening at the culinary moment…you could create a truly exclusive proposal: an aperitif with a mixology class in which the guests become bartenders, a cooking show given by a professional chef where the taste buds are enchanted, a refined cooking masterclass where we challenge ourselves to new cuisines or blind tastings to discover dishes from around the world. These are just a few samples from our proposed menu.

Preparation and entertainment…the mood of the evening!

Even the most barren location with the right budget can become a truly magical place. Design motifs, touches of art, floral decorations with exotic combinations, minimalism and simplicity, refinement and the highest level of elegance… the style that must be distinguished. With the right set up, the event will do nothing but shine!

The entertainment for the evening is the moment of soul and life that everyone expects and remembers. Whether it is an accompaniment between one course and another, a real live show with twists, background music, a voice among the most sought after singers, a magic show or an after party with DJ sets must create an unforgettable memory, engage and experience emotions.

What would Christmas be without presents?

And if it’s true that the surprises never end, we won’t limit ourselves to the company panettone, but surprise our guests. There are really effective gifts that combine business with pleasure. A sympathetic small gift can be a heartfelt gesture because giving a smile to those in need is priceless.

A pinch of solidarity

More and more often we talk about solidarity events and corporate CSR. Even a small joint initiative within an event can make a difference. Just a small gesture, such as arranging with the catering or the restaurant more portions to hand out as meals to the neediest, recycling the floral decorations to cheer up the sick in hospitals, do a fundraiser for toys for less fortunate children … An act of solidarity can enrich the party with further importance and give meaning to the occasion.

To end the year with a flourish, the corporate Christmas party must be an event in great style and Amanda Eventz is ready to sign it from A to Z.