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Organizing a corporate convention is not a simple undertaking, it’s not for everybody. The dynamics at play in the planning of a business event of this type are delicate and profound. For this reason, it is important to structure the convention with care, technique, and expertise for the project with which you are confronted.

In this context, communication definitely has a fundamental role because life in our times has been undergoing rapid and complex evolution. The advent of modern media, social networks, and news conglomerates have in fact transformed the way companies used to address people and the target audience of conferences. The company convention can be exclusive to an internal audience of the company or inclusive, open also to the public. In order to make the event work and to allow the realization of the company’s set goals, it is advisable to seek the support of a DMC (Destination Management Company). A DMC is a company that specializes in company event planning and in supplying complementary services. The work of a technical office that studies the planning and success factors of events- through a staff of graphic designers, web designers, installers, video operators, editors and photographers- will certainly be useful to achieve the desired result. The operational and marketing structures present in a DMC allow the corporation, that depends on this company of professionals to set up a completely personalized plan of action for their convention aimed at seizing the numerous opportunities offered by the global market.

5 Ways to Make an Engaging Corporate Convention

Our country is one of the ideal locations for the realization of corporate conventions. Rich in locations with high aesthetic and organizational value, as well as historical and cultural, Italy boasts an exceptional climate and enchanting places, with an impressive visual impact. However, even if the spectacular geographic setting is a point that plays in our favour as long as we are capable of seizing the opportunities offered by the territory and adapting them to our needs- that’s not all it takes. In order to make a convention interesting and to intrigue the audience that attends, it is necessary to keep in mind a few rules and to rely on certain marketing and communication strategies. Here are 5 ways to make a corporate convention more engaging:

  1. Always Pay Attention to the Check-In Phase, Taking Care of it with Detail

The reception of guests is an important moment of the event: it will allow the company to put their guests at ease and help them to prepare them in a positive way for the company convention that will follow. The Destination Management Company should definitely include experts in hospitality who know all the local businesses that will come into contact with the guests and will be able to guide them in the most welcoming way.

  1. Demonstrate a Storytelling Event

At the opening of the convention, showing the attendees a summary of the planning and phases of the event will capture the audience’s attention and involve them in the subsequent points that will be covered. If behind the organization there is a DMC that has a directing role compared to all the other actors involved, chosen as players in a story, this will certainly add value to the event’s concept. A Destination Management Company organizes the event starting from a communication project that responds to the company’s goals: every brand has a story and every event is its story. The goal is to transform the story into emotions to be experienced.

  1. Finding a Unique Location

Choosing the right venue is fundamental for impressing your guests with a surprising setting, allowing them to live an exclusive atmosphere, but at the same time allowing them to feel at home. This is why only a Destination Management Company has the right knowledge to select the ideal structure in an area for each specific convention that is in line with the company’s image and that aligns with the logistical needs. Additionally, a DMC’s ability to open doors to unique locations for the event is not to be underestimated.

  1. Plan Social Activities and Cultural Visits

Enrich the program with complementary activities that can provide interesting and stimulating breaks. When organizing an event, you shouldn’t limit the event to four closed walls. Instead, you should take advantage of the opportunity to do tours, excursions and tastings to discover the area and that which the community has to offer. Obviously, the Destination Management Company excels precisely in knowing how to insert the convention in a wider context with engaging prospects.

  1. Invite Leading Figures from the Sector

This trick will make the atmosphere less tense and restricted, rendering the gathering more interesting to those who attend it. A Destination Management Company—that has its own strength in its ability to develop local relationships—will be more likely to have the right contacts to be able to bring a celebrity or an expert, such as an ambassador, to the event.