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When it comes to team building, we’re referring to the set of activities that foster group interactions that improve their ability to work in teams. Working together for a common cause and cooperating together increases the sense of belonging to the group and creates or strengthens the bonds between members. This happens if the cause is authentic and its effects are real.

It is therefore important to find the right team building project to achieve this goal. A Destination Management Company is definitely an excellent interlocutor and is able to find the solution tailored to any company that wants to organize a team building for its associates.


Needs and Objectives of Team Building

 Company team building is aimed at exactly that: building a team. In order to do this, positive dynamics are used to achieve the company’s goals, without forgetting to pay attention to the well-being of all members of the work team. Practising working in a group is a fruitful and positive exercise.

 Cooking class - team building

This need can arise from communication problems, especially in large, multinational companies, not just among permanent colleagues, but also between different departments. Often, in fact, because of bureaucratic matters that take too long and an overly structured, hierarchical corporation, communication difficulties can arise that slowdown production rates and create disadvantages from a commercial point of view. For this reason, it has been shown that it is extremely useful to improve communication between people, to optimize cooperation and business efficiency. Fortunately, most of these communication complications can be improved with the help of a team building meeting. Thanks to team building, it is possible to put communication into practice, which streamlines many bureaucratic steps, reduces timeframes and levels of corporate stress, and facilitates relationships between members of a corporate team.

Another goal of team building is to strengthen the sense of belonging of each individual member to the group, as well as their connections with others. The team building technique cultivates improved listening skills and helps member learn to identify with others, thereby increasing sharing. If you feel part of a team, then you work better together, work towards the same goals, help each other, support yourself, and you learn how to profit from the skills of each of the group members. Team building increases the sharing of best practices and combines forces for the common goal of corporate growth.

How Team Building Takes Place

 The activities that characterize team building can be formative, educational or fun. The important thing is that every experience is rich and engaging. It also must be organized in a positive climate, to encourage an equally positive emotional response. The options can be varied, some of the most standards might include treasure hunts, outdoor or indoor sports activities, business theatre, snowmobiling, jeep, canoeing, rafting, orienteering, or a cooking class. Other more particular and unusual options for social team building might be a survival adventure, bike building, a carton boat, a cocktail challenge, a photo competition, or an escape room. Above all, it is always important to customize each individual project, adapting requests and constructing tailor-made projects based on the objectives of the corporate group, the number of participants, age, location, timing, and procedures.

Segway tour - team building

Who Directs Team Building Activities?

 When a certain activity is carried out to strengthen teamwork, highly specialized coaches are needed in the various situations and thematic sectors of interest. The coaches are experienced and are able to verify that progress is being made by the group, after stimulating the inventiveness of the subjects present and ensuring that everyone is involved in teamwork. The function performed by the coach is not always the same, in fact it varies with each organized business event. Many times, in fact, the support of an industry specialist is necessary. Often, the activity is done by a motivator who has great organizational skills and is able to stimulate the potential of the group members.

The trainer also performs the function of evaluating the team entrusted to him, which will be useful to the company to understand what is happening within the work team. You can easily find all these figures by turning to a DMC.

The Advantages of Choosing a DMC for Organizing a Company Team Building Event

 One of the ways to foster work team bonding is to consult a DMC (Destination Management Company). A DMC is an agency that specializes in a specific area that has access to exclusive and useful locations, as well as having a network of professionals available to use from time to time depending on the type of request. The added value of a DMC is precisely their study of every minimal detail of the project. The right supplier is carefully selected to be able to fully meet every one of the client’s needs. A personalized activity is studied so that it can be coordinated and integrated into the local context while also taking advantage of the area’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. This match is essential so that the proposed activity will be highly educational and will achieve the desired goals. A DMC is obviously specialized in organizing different types of events. Many times a hybrid event is requested, where team building activities must be integrated into conventions, meetings and incentive trips. A Destination Management Company is the right interlocutor to create customized team building experiences, moments of discussion to live together in the name of fun and sport, and to create a winning team.