Amandaeventz - Destination Management Company

A corporate event, an incentive, a car launch, a convention… all types of events that are great challenges for each Destination Management Company.

We at Amanda Eventz love to get involved, create and then amaze, we love giving free rein to our creativity and then turning it into concrete actions. We live for flawless details from A to Z, and then seeing unique and exciting experiences arise. Each type of event, be it private and small or public and with a large number of participants, brings with it some unexpected situations, and our task is precisely to predict and prevent them.

We like to be prepared and updated to offer efficient services to our international clientele.

We are therefore proud to have obtained the “Certificate of Preparedness for the Emergency Preparedness Certificate Program” on behalf of the prestigious ADMEI Association of Destination Management Executives International. ADMEI is the most important corporation in the DMC sector which certifies and protects the work of DMCs. This certification is serious and is officially recognized all over the world.

Many elements have been discussed in the course of the company and have always been part of Amanda Eventz’s staff preparation.

To guarantee quality service, it is necessary to prepare a safety plan. Whether it be security for company events, conventions, incentives, or other, the difficulty and complexity of the program and the type of event should always be taken into account. It is integral to address the various critical issues in the preventive phase and during the event itself.

In order to be effective, first of all it is important to determine the risk based on the situation with foresight and other available resources. It is then necessary to identify a list of threats and dangers that are of primary concern. Next, it is prudent to weigh and compare risks and assess vulnerabilities. Finally, it would be advisable to estimate the probability of incidence and the impact on the event.

Every action aimed at events security is, therefore, essential and necessary in order to prevent, discourage, avoid, or block an ongoing act. Above all, the goal is to protect both the guests and staff, while trying to minimize the impact on both.

Our competence, built on years and years of experience, qualifies us as a reliable Destination Management Company. We have implemented a continuous cycle of planning, organization, training, equipment, practice, assessment and adoption of corrective actions, all in an attempt to ensure effective coordination during accident response.

Always have a plan B! This is the benefit of Risk Management.